DataCore har slagit nytt världsrekord

7 januari 2016

DataCore har slagit nytt världsrekord när de mäter pris/prestanda i SPC-1 benchmark.

Konkurrenterna är inte i närheten av DataCore tack vare deras Parallel I/O.
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"Why did the DataCore system perform so well? It has an Adaptive Parallel IO feature in SANsymphony-V v10.00, which has the server processor's cores running IO in parallel instead of queuing them up through a single core."

About DataCore

DataCore is the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage and Adaptive Parallel I/O Software – harnessing today’s powerful and cost-efficient server platforms to solve the IT industry’s biggest storage problem, the I/O bottleneck. The company’s comprehensive and flexible storage virtualization and hyper-converged virtual SAN solutions free users from the pain of labor-intensive storage management and provide customers true independence from storage solution vendors that cannot offer a hardware agnostic architecture.

DataCore's Software-Defined Storage platforms revolutionize storage infrastructure and serve as the cornerstone of the next-generation software-defined data center – delivering greater value, performance, availability and simplicity.


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